Course Report – March 2019


I have been blessed with some good weather since the start of my time here, taking over from Simon in December.

I would like to place on record my thanks to him for such a useful and informative hand over period and to commend him on a wonderful 7 years.

The course has really moved on under his stewardship and I see no reason to start making sweeping changes to any of the regimes he has put in place.

There will be subtle changes to certain things, but I feel my task is to continue the uphill trend of progression and improvement and not to reinvent the wheel.


We are now only 4 weeks away from the start of the playing season proper and lots of work has been done these past few months.

We have continued with tree work, generally to help speed up play and to make it easier for us to mow the areas around the trees.

All bridge walk on and walk offs have been re topped and levelled, the winter path at the back of A4 tee has been resurfaced, the path to B5 has resurfaced and the path alongside the drive to C1 has been repaired and resurfaced after the repairs to the water mains were made.

Given the good weather, mowing has continued right through with all areas having been cut. It has been amazing to me that we have had good growth right through January and February.


The greens have been solid tined, and sorrel rolled, all helping to keep the grass plant healthy and also aiding remove any surface water.

The greens have been fertilised with a granular feed that will continue to trickle feed for around 4-6 weeks and are having a programme of liquid seaweeds and turf hardeners.

This is all helping to prevent any disease from occurring. We did suffer a small attack in November but with the correct practices in place, the damage to the surfaces was minimal and any remaining scars are now growing out quite quickly.


Bunker maintenance has begun in earnest, edging, sand moving/replacing to all the bunkers on the course, this will be complete by the end of March.

We have this week begun spring maintenance on the tees. This involves a solid spike with a 12mm tine, a verticut to remove any debris, unwanted moss or lateral growth, over seeding and dressing to par 3s and high ware par 4s and a granular feed.

The greens will receive a similar treatment on the 11th, 12th and 13th of March. They will be double verticut, dressed and solid tined. It is important to get this operation complete on the greens before the season starts.

It will help smooth out the surface, continue to dilute the thatch and also aid surface drainage. We are aiming to apply around 1 tonne of sand per green. I am confident that disruption will be minimal, and the greens will be back to a non-sandy appearance in 7 to 10 days.

All mowing has continued as normal whenever required and the course is beginning to take shape.


We have added two new members to the greenkeeping team, Dave Murphy as a full-time qualified greenkeeper and Denis Payne as our summer casual. Its great to have the team fully assembled and ready hit the ground running in time for the golfing season proper. Denis joined us this week and Dave starts on the 18th of March.

Finally, may I just take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the staff and the members for such a warm welcome and helping me to settle so quickly. You have a fantastic club and you should be very proud, I am delighted to be a part of it.

Good golfing!

Lee Payne

Course Manager