Message from the Junior Organiser – September

We are coming to the end of the Summer Season and the main focus this year has been to keep the section functioning with the older juniors while at the same time encouraging new younger members. Despite their being only 8 players with Congu Handicaps the section has been able to fulfill its commitments in all external competitions as well as most internal ones.

The drive to introduce new members has been centred around the running of a Junior coaching Programme covering the spring and summer periods. An autumn programme has already been drawn up, which will start in late September. All these initiatives are under the direct control of Danny Harris our teaching Professional. Coaching has been designed to cover every aspect of learning and playing golf from first hitting a golf ball to course management and the standard of behavior expected from the youngsters together with a clear understanding of the integrity of the game.


Alongside these Junior Programmes, we are running a Junior Passport scheme, where the juniors are introduced to the basics of golf through play and fun activities, leading up to the main teaching sessions mentioned earlier. With all these activities in place, we are expecting to see an increase of up to 8 players joining in the junior competitions over the coming year. With the anticipated complement of approx.12 players next year, we will be able to run and take part in even more competitions than we have done this year.

In summary, the Junior golf Academy at Wellow is expanding fast and with plans for next year already in place, should see a marked improvement in the attainment of the Junior Section. It is fair to say that we have achieved a lot this year including reaching the quarter finals of the national Poppy Golf competition. We are proud of of our junior’s success and look forward to even greater glory next year. Above all we instill in the juniors the importance of enjoying themselves. Remember they are the club members of the future.

Dave Board  19th September 2016.

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