Following on from the AGM, a meeting was held with both the Management, Teaching pro and Parents to discuss and set up a new way of running the section.

Dave Board will continue to act as the Junior Organiser.

Billy Ray will be the Welfare Officer and be responsible for promotion and communication both internally and externally.

Danny Harris will act as the Wellow Academy Teaching Professional and continue with the specific training schedules for the juniors.

Jane Leigh will head up the fund raising committee with Tina Tanner and Patricia Hillman.

Jan Board, Phil Sutton, Mike Ludlam and Keith Gould will actively be involved with the organization of internal and external competitions. A special effort will be made to involve other sections of the club in both fun events as well as the competitions already established in the golfing calendar.

Billy Ray will discuss with Management whether the club could offer any other form of visible promotion for Sponsers. Sponsorship will be sought to raise money for acquiring club colours covering shirts, short sleeve sweaters and wind jackets etc. In addition encouragement and part sponsorship will be given to the lower handicappers to enter open competitions across the County.

David Board        Junior Organiser   30th November 2017.

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