Another year has passed here at Wellow Golf Club and the Juniors are already in preparation for next year.

Over the past 2 years, with the induction of Danny Harris, have managed to grow a team of around 5 or 6 players into a squad of over 30 juniors, this does not include another 10 juniors who will be ready for course experience in the new year with Danny’s guidance

These new juniors range from academy members as young as 6 to the core of the team who will now be reaching the 18 year old limit of junior competition golf.

Danny on wellow's practice range

The improvement of the driving range and the addition of the practice bays, Danny has been able to continue the lessons throughout the winter, whatever the weather.

The juniors are keen and eager to learn and this is testament to the work of Dave Board (JO) and Gill Lobb, together with the parents all season long, making sure the children have had every opportunity to play and practice.

The beginning of the year was exciting, with a new Hampshire Junior League (HJL) in its inaugural .. The league would now be not only for the best young golfers in Hampshire, but a change for younger beginners to gain playing experience on new courses in the area.

This was to be achieved by the 5 clubs , Wellow, Romsey, Barton-on-Sea , Stoneham and Bramshaw, each setting up a 2000yard course off  of a Blue set of tees. These players were then able to achieve club handicaps of up to 54.

Put in place for the first time, the organisers hoped it would help as a stepping stone to the main league.

Since the conclusion of its first year in the new format, the league has been be a great success, if not just for Wellow.  We were one of the few clubs to now have juniors fighting for a position to play, a vast contrast to a year ago when we would struggle to field a team.

The academy players had a blast and a huge thank you to all the chaperones that were responsible for helping the younger gofers navigate new territory.

Here at Wellow we saw the immediate effect, when we saw multiple juniors move up the ranks from 45 handicaps, down to a full 28 CONGU handicap in the space of just a few months. The competition between the juniors for spots on the team and the friendly rivalry that has started to grow among them will only benefit Danny and the squad.

What’s next for Wellow Juniors?

With some minor changes to the way club handicaps are adjusted, Junior membership at Wellow Looks strong and will continue to promote junior golf heavily at the club.

Having come from a club and played in a very successful junior team myself, I know what needs to happen to continue growing and I am confident as we assemble a team of organisers for next year, the club will continue to compete at a high level.

There will be some personnel changes next year but we will make sure everyone is in the loop in time for the next playing season.

The lessons with Danny will continue in the winter so please keep an eye out for new dates and we will make sure that all fixtures and other important dates will be posted on the website and on our social media.

For those who do not already use it, the Wellow Juniors Facebook could be a great way to spread news and arrange games.

Visit http://www.wellowgolfclub.co.uk/junior-golf/ to keep up or follow twitter or just join the Wellow Junior page at


Wellow juniors at the New years Cup

The AGM.

This is a great opportunity to straighten out plans and discuss how the previous year went.

Date : 27th October 2017

Time : 6pm

Location: Nightingale room, Wellow Golf Club Clubhouse

*JUNIORS . This is a chance for you to inform Dave and Gill of any issues you may have had over the past year so they can be discussed.

Current juniors and parent are welcome, and any new members that wish to join are also welcome.

Recent results

Junior Summer Cup Winner: George Tanner

Academy Summer Cup Winner: Jack Harris

Hampshire Junior League 2nd Place overall Nett : Zak Leigh

Thank you all from here in the office.

Look forward to next year

Billy Ray
Assistant Manger
Wellow Golf Club