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Well here goes nothing, I’ve been wanting to write a monthly blog for some time now and with the new website launched now seems to be the moment of truth!

At this time I’m  not exactly sure of the direction it will take over the coming months, I’ll just ramble on as I normally do and at some stage hopefully it will all come together.

What I wanted to start with is to try and dispel a few myths about having lessons! Quite often people will say to me, “my mate is thinking of having lessons but he doesn’t want to change his grip! Or he doesn’t want you to muck his game up, he hasn’t got time to practice”, or a particular favourite of mine, “he’s happy with his swing but he keeps slicing it!”

So the way I see it is, when a customer comes for a lesson with me, he or she is paying me for my expertise. I am working for that person for the next 30 minutes or whatever it is! My job is to get the correct information from that person so that I can help them, making them a better player. I’m not in the business of ruining people’s games. As a very old star teacher once said, “if you can’t make him or her better, bloody well make sure you don’t make them worse”

To me there are 2 types of golfers and 2 types of lessons.

Type 1; The regular golfer who is pretty happy with there game, but need a particular problem solved, whether it’s a shank, thin, top, can’t chip or something along those lines. This is generally a one off lesson for a quick fix! I’m not going to start changing things for the sake of changing, or to make it look pretty! I may well fix the fault with another fault to balance up the motion, I see the swing as a set of scales, along as things balance out and repeat then that’s fine. The swing doesn’t have to look good as long as its repeatable. If it’s a fade, slice, draw or hook, if you can repeat it then that’s all we are ever trying to do. Remember you put a score/number on your card not a description!

Type 2; The worker! The golfer who wants to improve, someone who is willing to put a little time in to gets things  better, wether through practice or simple exercises done at home. Generally this will involve a few lessons over a period of time, moving onto the next thing when they are ready. A slower process but a long term fix/improvement.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching both types, fixing a problem quickly is a great! As is building a player and his technique. I’m lucky enough to have taught many people from many walks of life and various abilities, from juniors, England players, fellow professionals, Asian gold medal winners, lady county players, beginner ladies, 90 years olds and everyone else in between. I can honestly say when I’m on the practice ground with a customer I’m a happy man.

So I think I’ve rambled on long enough, on that point if you have anything you wish me to discuss (golf swing related or equipment wise! I’m no agony aunt!!) please drop me an email or contact me via the shop or the various social media outlets and I’ll endeavour to answer your questions through this blog.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy new year, and thank you all for your kind support.

All the very best.


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