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Danny’s Blog- The Start of Another Golfing Year


Happy New Years

Happy New year everyone, may you have many pars and birdies this coming year! Thank you for kind feed back from my first effort, please feel free to ask some questions or give me a subject you would like me to cover.

So we are at the start of a new golfing year, hopefully you’ll be thinking about improving your game, lowering your handicap or maybe improving a certain aspect of your game.

Now it always baffles me, these next 3 months should be the busiest time for me, however I always get told two similar quotes, “I’ll sort some lessons out when the weather improves” or a particular favourite of mine, I’ll get my game in order and start hitting it a bit better, then I’ll come and see you for some lessons” REALLY!!!

Would it not be better to work on your game now so when the weather warms up, your all ready to go, or see me for a course of lessons so you have something constructive to practice, rather than doing all that practice ingraining the fault or working on the wrong thing so mine and your job is much harder to get things back on track.

NO Excuses

With the new teaching bays at Wellow, or the fact that I do evening sessions at chandlers ford range, there really isn’t an excuse to not get things improving now! That way you can enjoy your summer golf as it will all be sorted by then, and I can get out and play some golf! Lol.

Junior Golf

Lastly a quick congratulations to Zak Leigh who won the years first trophy, The New Years Cup, with an impressive 39 points, closely followed by this years Vice-Captain Michael Hillman.

WHATS NEXT ? – Chipping and Pitching

IMG_2753- Three ways to play a chip shot. Click and watch.

My next blog will include a few more pictures and video and I’ll get into some technical stuff! If there is anything in particular you would like me to cover please feel free to contact me.

All the best




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