April ended up being a very dry month with only around 10mm of rain falling.

The first ten days of May were also very dry and with warm sun shining down areas were soon showing signs of browning off.

This week has been very different with some welcome rainfall although dare I say it we have had enough for the time being.


Growth has been fairly constant over the last month with Tees still being cut twice a week along with Fairways.

Semi rough and rough areas are being cut weekly.

We have been out spraying unwanted grasses and weeds in the ditches, pathways, around trees and bench areas and this product is mixed with a blue dye so that we can see exactly where we have been.

Bunkers are laying a bit wet at present but they will be raked over in the next couple of days.

Thanks to Jonathan for helping out with some machinery repairs and finding and fixing a leak on the irrigation system.


At present we are dealing with some high humidity and moist conditions which is setting off some disease again which I will be keeping my eye on.

We have been using the irrigation system but mainly during the day time as night temperatures were still on the low side.

Some hand watering has also been done on high areas of the greens as these were starting to brown off.

Sprinkler heads which were not working properly and failing due to wear and tear have also been replaced.

During the past month green’s have been verti cut and top dressed, solid tined to a depth of 5 inches and have had the monthly application of wetting agent.

Birds are still pecking at the surfaces and we are doing are best to keep these areas sanded and tidy.

Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper