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Course Report: December 2016



We had our first major rainfall the night before the Captain’s Drive-In which normally would have closed the course, but I think we were all surprised on how dry it was in the morning.

Since then we have had some small amounts of rain, but on the whole, dare I say it, the weather is being kind.

Leaves have been the main focus this month, with lots of blowing and clearing areas and ditches.

Tees were kept in play longer because of the dry conditions and I made the decision to take them off on the 6th December. All tees have been fertilised to help them recover.

Ropes and posts are up in a few areas to protect the course.

We are currently cleaning the hazard posts and course signs and the 150 yard markers have been brought in to be sanded and painted.

Moles are evident on most of the holes, but we are catching a few and levelling the hills to keep things looking tidy.

We have done some wood clearing at the back of A5 green and cleared some branches and deadwood in that area during the cold snap.

A4 bridge was found to be rotten under the matting, so all of the wood has been replaced this week.

Some cutting has been done this month but there has been little growth because of the cold weather we experienced at the end of November.



After the heavy rainfall on the 19th November, the greens held up very well and because of the drier weather we are having and now they are looking good.

There is a constant battle with the disease coming and going and at present and there are some active patches that are being monitored.

Applications this month are Iron and fungicide and Seaweed and soil penetrant.

Greens were cut on the 16th December and we got 6 boxes of grass off,  so I would say they are growing well at even as we approach the Christmas Period.

Merry Christmas


Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper

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  1. Paul wilkins
    Paul wilkins says:

    Thank you to all the green keepers for your excellent work throughout the year , never seen the course or the greens in better condition. 🐛🐜🐿🍄🐝🕷🐛🐜🐞🐌


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