Course Report- Feb 2018- Bunkers + Trees

This is a short course update. Over the last few months much rain has saturated the course at times, but we seem to be holding up very well despite this.

The guys on the greens staff have been limited on what could be done over the last few months. So as many have seen , tree work has been high on the priority list as of late. The team have continued to light fires and chipped the hundreds of branches to a 6-10ft canopy height.

On  the few dry days we have been having, Simon and the team have managed to get out on the course and have cut the aprons, Fairways and have continued to cut and roll the greens when possible.

The Trees

We are sure you have seen groups of people around the course up trees and having fires.

The chipper was also used to get rid of the hundreds of branches being cut on all three courses.

This will allow light and air to access certain areas of the course.

Canopies in specific areas are being raised to around 6-10 ft to allow a swing to get yourself out of trouble and back into play.