(AUGUST 2017)


Course conditions are now very different to the dry warm and sunny weather we had in June and early July.

The first half of August has already totalled 2 inches of rain.

At some points last week we were struggling to cut the grass with the bigger machinery and the growth is very strong at the moment with all the moisture.

At every opportunity the mowers are out trying to keep presentation going during this wet spell.

The bunkers have all been strimmed and tidied and we are moving the sand around as and when time allows.

Small amounts of tree work have been done around the course with lots more to do as we see more and more branches hanging down low and getting in the way.


We did see some rainfall at the back end of July and this really helped bring the greens back after all the dry weather.

We used the sarell rollers and they aerate the close to the surface to help with any disease and fairy ring patches.

Greens maintenance week was soon upon us and the following works were carried out on the surfaces:


Verti cut ( scarified ) in two directions to remove thatch.

Deep tined to around 7 inches.

Top dressed with neat sand at just over a tonne per green.

Solid tined over the sand to around 2 inch depth.

Over seeded at 40 kg per hectare.

Fertilised and brushed in by the Wednesday when it happened to rain steadily which was great to get them into recovery mode.

Week commencing Monday the 14th and the greens are now fully recovered and all the seed has germinated so the heights will now come back down to 3,5mm.

Other applications made this month were fungicide to stop an attack of disease and seaweed and wetting agent.

Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper