We are certainly enjoying some good spring weather at present the only down side is the cold night time temperatures leading to some grass frosts.

Since the last meeting only 7mm of rain has fallen on site so lower height of cut areas such as the greens are now in need of water,

However other areas are still feeding off winter moisture and are looking green with normal grass growth for this time of the year.

Tees went back on grass on the 24th March and at present are being cut twice a week and some are on the dry side. Tee tops that have water sprinklers are being irrigated.

Bunker work was completed back in March but we are now battling with stone contamination and these are being removed daily.

All bunkers on A and B have been strimmed and tidied this week.


The greens at present are a little on the dry side but as of previous years April is tending to be a month with very small amounts of rain.

Irrigation is being used but timing is a big factor as at night the temperature has been hovering just above freezing and applying water at these times could have a reverse effect on the grass plant, so most of the watering is being done in the daytime. The surfaces are slowly coming back but until we get rainfall and consistent air temperature things won’t be perfect.

We did see a fresh attack of fusarium early on in the month and I had to apply a fungicide as on some greens it was moving to the next level and taking out the grass plant. A1 green also suffered again from disease and the winter scars have been plugged out and moved to the side.

I have also applied a wetting agent to the greens and this will help any water that falls soak in where it lands instead of running off.

Greens heights are at 4mm now and will stay at this height until we get to the middle of May.

Birds are also pecking at the surfaces mainly over the road and we are trying our best to keep on top of the damage.

We have also purchased some brushes which fit on to the front of the greens mowers which are giving us a better cut because it stands the grass up and dries it before cutting.

Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper