Wellow Junior Section – July 2017


Wellow Junior Section JULY 2017

Monthly Report



Our Grass Roots competition took place on Monday 19th June. It was won by Flynn Stevens and Feddie Leigh. Our thanks go out to Malcolm Calvert for donating the prizes


The June Junior Medal was won by Lewis Sutton with a nett score of 65.

Our 2nd round match in the Poppy Golf competition against Stoneham ,  took place on Sunday 11th June. Stoneham won the match by 6 holes. We were beaten by a very experienced team and we wish them well in the next round.


The standard of play was high, despite the added pressure of yearlong bragging rights within the club. The juniors especially showed their spirit for the competition. Junior captain Lewis Sutton and last year’s Captain Zak Leigh both played well and will have their handicaps reduced as a result, with Zak shooting a very impressive 77, seven under his handicap on Saturday.

Zak went on to Win the Junior’s Top Prize , Congratulations


The eventual winner of the Men’s Trophy was Billy Ray. Billy, who holds a handicap of 1, finished on top with a total gross score of 143, ONLY four strokes ahead of future Wellow Star, junior, Rick Zhou (4 handicap).

The two were paired together on both days and with multiple birdie exchanges and mixed fortunes for each player around the greens, resulted in an exciting and well contested finish to the championship. Rick continues to show his talents and after the weekends play and firmly established himself as certain future favorite for the competition.



A programme is being put together to hold competitions for the junior players over the School summer holidays. A roll up system will take place on Monday afternoons when competitions will be held for the CONGU handicap players and the Academy players. This will keep the junior section active in the holiday season and help with them achieving handicaps.



The Junior Training programme has been progressing well under the leadership of Danny Harris. The new juniors are now actively pursuing getting handicaps , which will allow them to play in our competitions and the HJL and Academy league fixtures during the Summer Holidays.



Some of the new juniors have been very active playing rounds of golf to achieve handicaps, They are George Ludlam, Jack and George Miles. George Tanner and Flynn Stevens. This will help us fill the squads for the forthcoming HJL and Academy fixtures.



SUNDAY 23rd JULY 2017 @ Wellow Golf CLub


David Board                  12th July  2017.

Junior Organiser


Wellow Junior Section – June 2017


Wellow Junior Section May 2017 Monthly Report

The May Junior Medal was won by Lewis Sutton with a nett score of 67.

Captain’s Day- Junior Winning- George Ludlam 49 points

Our 1st round match in the Poppy Golf competition against Bramshaw ,  took place on Sunday 28th May. Wellow won the match by 4 holes. Our next opponents are Stoneham away.

Our 2nd round match of the Greenjackets competition took place at Wellow, when we were narrowly beaten by Barton on Sea with  just 2 points separating the teams playing a Stableford format.

The Spring/ Summer Training programme for the Juniors has been progressing well under the leadership of Danny Harris. We have attracted 3 new juniors which hopefully will continue to stay with us and develop into active players with handicaps. They are now actively pursuing getting handicaps , which will allow them to play in our competitions.

Our Grass Roots competition is scheduled for Monday 19th June in the evening. Notices have been posted in the clubhouse to attract volunteers to play.


As part of the Junior Sections objective to find new players, a fun evening was arranged and took place on 30th May. In the afternoon a medal competition was held for those with Congu handicaps and a 9 hole stableford competition was played by the younger juniors from the new blue tee boxes. This was followed up with a social evening for juniors, parents and friends when teams made up of parents and juniors, undertook 6 different disciplines including crazy golf, putting, boules, chipping, bunker play and a quiz. A total of 26 people attended the fun night which finished with a supper and drinks. A lot of thanks goes out to Jan Board, Gill Lobb, Jane Leigh , Dave Board and Billy Ray, who organized the evening. Hopefully we will attract new juniors when the word gets around about the fun and events which took place that evening. Lastly a warm welcome to our three new young members Elliot Herd, Harrison Young and George Tanner       


David Board                  1st June  2017.

Wellow Juniors- January 2017 Monthly Report

Wellow Junior Section  

2017 Season Preview 



South West Hants Junior League (SWHJL)has now been replaced with a new league called the Hampshire Junior League, which will be known as HJL.

This is supplemented with a Junior Academy league which caters for new juniors taking up golf and will  be for handicaps 36 to 54. A special short course will be used covering 9 holes totaling approx. 2000 yards.

A total of 5 teams will compete this year, namely Barton, Stoneham, Bramshaw, Romsey and Wellow.

The first fixture was held  on 22nd April. Wellow came second in the HJL and fourth in the Academy League. This was a great result and it appeared everyone enjoyed the new competition. The next scheduled fixture on 6th May at Stoneham will have to be rearranged.


We are scheduled to play Barton in the next round of the Green Jackets competition on Sunday 21st May at Wellow.

We have been drawn to play Bramshaw in the 1st round of the Poppy Golf competition again at home.

Danny’s Clinics

Danny Harris has put together a Spring/ Summer Training programme for the Juniors. We are placing a lot of importance on this programme and other activities to try and recruit more juniors to the section.


The Easter Raffle took place under the guidance of Gill Lobb and Jane Leigh. A princely sum of 133 pounds was raised mainly through the generosity of our membership.



David Board                  1st May  2017.

Junior Organiser




Danny’s Blog- Do lessons work?

Do lessons work?


Does modern equipment make much difference?

Here we go again, these months really are going by fast, it’ll be Christmas again soon! 

You may be aware that golf as a sport is struggling! New comers to the game are falling, despite the game being easier to access and as affordable as it has ever been! I intend to run beginner and improvement  classes in the coming months, so if you have relatives, friend or work colleagues that are thinking of taking up the game, please keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming dates on the website and social media.

So, this months topic covers two very common questions we get asked here in the shop.

Do lessons work?


Does this modern equipment make much difference?

The answer to the first question is, well yes. If you can find a good coach and you are able to “listen” and work on the things you’ve been told, the trouble is there so much information on the Internet now, videos and various sites offering you the secret to better golf.  

It’s very easy to get yourself in a right mess, trying to improve the wrong thing! Some of the things online are so confusing and to be honest “ridiculous “.  I don’t even understand some of the information being thrown around.


“I’ve always believed to be a good coach you have to be a good communicator”

Listen to Butch Harmon or the great John Jacobs (RIP) and you’ll know what I mean. They speak in a way that even my Granny can understand.

Below is a quote I lifted from a Facebook page group I’m a member off. 

“Bad trail elbow flexion/extension rates  and lead wrist radial/Ulnar movements tend to be the biggest causes of golfers hitting the ground behind the ball.”

I know I’m a not the smartest guy, but seriously!! It’s language like that that scare golfers away from taking lessons.

 I find it all rather worrying, now I promise you I won’t use language like that in a lesson. It’s massively important to me that my pupil understands why they hit a poor shot, and what they need to do to improve it and how they are going to do that. Whether it’s doing simple exercises at home or hitting balls at a range, which again is pupil dependent.

So anyway I’ll get off my soap box and get back to the original questions.

Do lessons really work?

Well if you take a look at last months medal winners and their crazy scores (a nett 58, and three 64’s), they have all had a lesson or taking lessons and reaping the rewards.

To answer my second question, does modern equipment make a difference? Two of the guys mentioned above have recently bought new equipment from Neil and myself following our advice! So I think we can safely say YES, equipment can make a difference and YES lessons can and do WORK.

That’s enough for now, please let me know what you think of my ramblings and any topics you would like me to cover.

Let’s hope the warmer weather is not too far away.



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