Course Report: AUGUST 2017

Wellow Greenkeepers

Course Report: Winter Works Continues……


Winter Course Report (Feb)

Two months on from the last meeting the general weather situation is still good for this time of year. Winter is on our side at present with only a handful of closures and some of these have been caused by the fog,

During the milder spells we are noticing some growth so Tees and Aprons are being cut once a week along with Fairways.


The main focus this month has been bunker work, the first stage is to edge and tidy the bunker and then we are adding new sand where needed.

I have also had a mini digger on hire this week and have been targeting the bunkers that seem to hold water after rainfall.

A1 left hand side has now got an internal trench leading to a soakaway and will have new sand all over, A4 front bunker has got a small soakaway in and will have new sand.

A8 right hand side fairway bunker has had a pipe and soakaway installed, B9 green side has got a small soakaway with existing drainage being checked, B3 back bunker and C1 fairway bunker have had soakaways put in.











During the colder weather we have been doing tree work behind B2 green, in the copse to the right of A7 carry and alongside B1 Tee.



The greens are still looking very good for this time of the year with only Four greens suffering from disease scars and my only conclusion is that these areas have come under stress during the summer months possibly in very warm temperatures so we need to be applying more water to these greens.


The sarell rollers have been used again this month for some surface aeration.

Applications this month are Iron and Fungicide and Seaweed andsoil penetrant.


A big thank you to all the members who put some money in the greenkeepers box, the lads and I went out for a nice meal and some drinks which was great for a bit of team bonding.


Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper

Wellow Greenkeepers

Course Report: December 2016



We had our first major rainfall the night before the Captain’s Drive-In which normally would have closed the course, but I think we were all surprised on how dry it was in the morning.

Since then we have had some small amounts of rain, but on the whole, dare I say it, the weather is being kind.

Leaves have been the main focus this month, with lots of blowing and clearing areas and ditches.

Tees were kept in play longer because of the dry conditions and I made the decision to take them off on the 6th December. All tees have been fertilised to help them recover.

Ropes and posts are up in a few areas to protect the course.

We are currently cleaning the hazard posts and course signs and the 150 yard markers have been brought in to be sanded and painted.

Moles are evident on most of the holes, but we are catching a few and levelling the hills to keep things looking tidy.

We have done some wood clearing at the back of A5 green and cleared some branches and deadwood in that area during the cold snap.

A4 bridge was found to be rotten under the matting, so all of the wood has been replaced this week.

Some cutting has been done this month but there has been little growth because of the cold weather we experienced at the end of November.



After the heavy rainfall on the 19th November, the greens held up very well and because of the drier weather we are having and now they are looking good.

There is a constant battle with the disease coming and going and at present and there are some active patches that are being monitored.

Applications this month are Iron and fungicide and Seaweed and soil penetrant.

Greens were cut on the 16th December and we got 6 boxes of grass off,  so I would say they are growing well at even as we approach the Christmas Period.

Merry Christmas


Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper


Course Report: November 2016

Since last months’ meeting, rain fall amounts have been on the lower side which is good for the course and keeping play going.

Over the last few weeks the tee mats have been brought in and jet washed ready for the winter season.

Mat surrounds have been topped with path material for presentation and to stop any mud contamination. Leave are falling daily now and we are doing our best to keep play areas tidy.  As mentioned last month mile traps are being set and we are having some success catching 9 in the last two weeks. Cutting has slowed right down now with only greens and aprons being cut this week. Fairway heights have been raised to 20mm to keep some grass on them through the winter months.

Work on the buggy path on B1 has been started with the base material and will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

A new shelter hut/shed is being installed on C4 to replace the old one which blew down in the wind.

Bunkers have all been strimmed and tidied and improvement work in the bunkers will be ongoing through the winter.


The autumn maintenance week all went very well with various aeration tasks being carried out on the greens.

We hired in the Air2g2 machine and this was used on 19 greens, blowing air into the sub structure of the soil to a depth of 12 inches.

We also used our verti drain and the pedestrian procore to aerate at different depths on the other greens.

B4 and B7 greens have had soil amendment material brushed into the holes to help the surfaces dry up quicker during wet spells.

Other applications to the greens over the last month were a fungicide to help prevent disease, Iron and turf hardeners to help strengthen the plant and a granular fertilizer to feed the roots.

Heights have been taken up to 5mm which they will remain through the winter.

Simon Justice – Head Greenkeeper