Wellow Junior’s Blog – December 2016

Wellow Junior Section  December 2016 Monthly Report

At the AGM, it was announced that the New captain will be Lewis Sutton and the vice captain Michael Hillman.

The 6 part Winter Training Programme put together by Danny Harris is underway. The programme is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2017.

The Junior Diary has been issued and includes all fixtures and competitions for 2017 with the exception of the Poppy Golf and Green Jackets competitions. These will be added when they are known. The diaries are available at the Club.

A proposal is currently under review on an alternative to the SWHJL. It is suggesting that the original SWHJL is replaced with a smaller league of clubs who play 2 separate competitions on the same day. One competition covers maximum handicaps 28/36  as before and the other competition is for new golfers with handicaps between 28 and 54.This competition would be played over 9 holes on a course with a maximum length of 2000yds. Wellow will have to decide whether to join the league or motivate our experienced and older golfers to play in some of the many Open competitions across the County.

In our quest to keep the motivation of the Junior section going, it is planned to introduce an Eceletic competition over the summer period as well as a Birdie Tree. This together with a Par Ladder for the high handicappers should create additional interest for the section.

Our main priority is to increase Junior membership and to this end, it is proposed to arrange a Taster Session in the Spring and a Fun event in the summer to encourage participation by both members  and friends/ families.

Other ideas under consideration are holding two evening events to cover subject matter of Rules and Psychology/Attitude towards playing golf. We are proposing to do this for the juniors but would be very happy to open it up to all sections if there was the interest.

Our first Blog has been included in the new Club website and we will use it from now on to keep everyone informed and up to-date.


Dave Board  

 Junior Organiser  

15th December 2016.

Wellow Greenkeepers

Course Report: December 2016



We had our first major rainfall the night before the Captain’s Drive-In which normally would have closed the course, but I think we were all surprised on how dry it was in the morning.

Since then we have had some small amounts of rain, but on the whole, dare I say it, the weather is being kind.

Leaves have been the main focus this month, with lots of blowing and clearing areas and ditches.

Tees were kept in play longer because of the dry conditions and I made the decision to take them off on the 6th December. All tees have been fertilised to help them recover.

Ropes and posts are up in a few areas to protect the course.

We are currently cleaning the hazard posts and course signs and the 150 yard markers have been brought in to be sanded and painted.

Moles are evident on most of the holes, but we are catching a few and levelling the hills to keep things looking tidy.

We have done some wood clearing at the back of A5 green and cleared some branches and deadwood in that area during the cold snap.

A4 bridge was found to be rotten under the matting, so all of the wood has been replaced this week.

Some cutting has been done this month but there has been little growth because of the cold weather we experienced at the end of November.



After the heavy rainfall on the 19th November, the greens held up very well and because of the drier weather we are having and now they are looking good.

There is a constant battle with the disease coming and going and at present and there are some active patches that are being monitored.

Applications this month are Iron and fungicide and Seaweed and soil penetrant.

Greens were cut on the 16th December and we got 6 boxes of grass off,  so I would say they are growing well at even as we approach the Christmas Period.

Merry Christmas


Simon Justice

Head Greenkeeper


Wellow Golf Club Launch It’s New Website

The wait is finally over…. We are now happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Wellow Golf Club website.

This design of the site was a joint effort between the Wellow office staff and that of local web designer Deon Tucker of DeonDesign. Together we came up with not only a website that is easy to use, but we hope is aesthetically pleasing to all that visit our site.

Regular Blogs from our resident Professionals, Greens staff, Junior organiser and committee members will be posted for you to browse through and the website will be regularly updated with the latest news, prices, events, offers, all in the aim to keep our members, visitors and local community up to date with goings on at the club.

As many may already know, this year, Wellow celebrated its 25th year as a golf club, and this website has been created to help celebrate this achievement and help spread the word about this friendly and welcoming club on the outskirts of Romsey.

From all of us here at Wellow Golf Club, we hope you enjoy the new website and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thank you

Wellow Golf Club


Wellow Golf Club – Summer write up

Juniors cap off a successful anniversary year

Wellow Golf Club could not have asked for more from its members this year.

The 2016 summer couldn’t come quick enough and after a wet and miserable winter, Wellow Golf Course, managed by Simon Justice, recovered well and he and his team now boast one of the best kept courses in the area with greens to match any top rated course.

In May, 25years after the doors opened at Wellow, celebrations began to recognise how far Wellow has come in its 25 years, but no one had thought that over the next few months success would stem from these celebrations.

First it was the turn of the Men. Having competed in the Monty League for many years, in September, Wellow produced some fantastic results under Captain Kevin Foot, to clinch an emphatic first ever title, beating favourites and eventual runners-up Bramshaw Golf Club on the last day. This meant that the team was invited to Romsey Golf Club for the Swann Trophy and Monty League presentation. This again was new territory for Wellow, but they produced some great golf on cue to become earn the runners-up spot behind hosts Romsey.

Then it was time for Ian Weeks and his Gales Hockley team to produce a string of victories to reach another prestigious Final. Having won a convincing away tie at Stoneham 8-1 and the Army Golf Club 6-3, the next stop would be Hockley Golf Club. After a gruelling match against current holders Meon Valley, Wellow came up just short and were 2016 Runners-up. Once again showing pride and team spirit throughout the competition.

Then it was time for the juniors. 2016 has been an exciting year already with membership increasing in the section, a growing camaraderie and an addition to the coaching staff in local PGA Professional Danny Harris.

With a solid showing in the South West Hants Junior League (SWHJL), it was to be the matchplay knockout competitions that Wellow would thrive in. Having reached the semi-finals 2 years ago, Wellow’s squad of 5 were hoping to go one step further.

Against all odds and after some incredible comebacks in previous rounds a semi-final was booked.

The Royal British Legion Poppy Golf Matchplay Tournament started with over 150 teams from all corners of the country and its final 4 teams would battle it out over 2 days at Staverton Golf Club, Northamptonshire.

After narrowly winning the semi-final 1-up, Wellow had now reached the final that alluded them 2 years earlier. After a valiant effort, the Wellow team came up just short becoming runners-up to a very strong Rotherham team consisting of 2 England players. A feat not to be shrugged at.

‘It was evident that the lads wore the Wellow colours with pride and I honestly believe they are a special bunch of lads with a team spirit that was so evident throughout the weekend. My thanks go out to the parents who supported us and fully entered into everything the weekend had to offer. It was one of those occasions that will always be remembered in the children’s mind and one which will never be forgotten.’

A final Note from Dave Board, Junior Organiser

It certainly has been a great year for Wellow Golf Club, celebrating a milestone in its history, a growing junior section, a fantastically maintained course and club pride and spirit to rival any in the county.

Mike Holgate, Mike Hillman, Rick Zhou, Zak Leigh, and Lewis Sutton. Runners-up, RBL Poppy Golf Knockout.

Mike Holgate, Mike Hillman, Rick Zhou, Zak Leigh, and Lewis Sutton.
Runners-up, RBL Poppy Golf Knockout.

Monty League Winners and Swann Trophy Runners-up. @Romsey Golf Club

Monty League Winners and Swann Trophy Runners-up.
@Romsey Golf Club

Gales Hockley @ Hockley golf club Runners-Up

Gales Hockley @ Hockley golf club Runners-Up


Course Report: November 2016

Since last months’ meeting, rain fall amounts have been on the lower side which is good for the course and keeping play going.

Over the last few weeks the tee mats have been brought in and jet washed ready for the winter season.

Mat surrounds have been topped with path material for presentation and to stop any mud contamination. Leave are falling daily now and we are doing our best to keep play areas tidy.  As mentioned last month mile traps are being set and we are having some success catching 9 in the last two weeks. Cutting has slowed right down now with only greens and aprons being cut this week. Fairway heights have been raised to 20mm to keep some grass on them through the winter months.

Work on the buggy path on B1 has been started with the base material and will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

A new shelter hut/shed is being installed on C4 to replace the old one which blew down in the wind.

Bunkers have all been strimmed and tidied and improvement work in the bunkers will be ongoing through the winter.


The autumn maintenance week all went very well with various aeration tasks being carried out on the greens.

We hired in the Air2g2 machine and this was used on 19 greens, blowing air into the sub structure of the soil to a depth of 12 inches.

We also used our verti drain and the pedestrian procore to aerate at different depths on the other greens.

B4 and B7 greens have had soil amendment material brushed into the holes to help the surfaces dry up quicker during wet spells.

Other applications to the greens over the last month were a fungicide to help prevent disease, Iron and turf hardeners to help strengthen the plant and a granular fertilizer to feed the roots.

Heights have been taken up to 5mm which they will remain through the winter.

Simon Justice – Head Greenkeeper

Junior AGM 2016 Wellow Golf Club

Juniors Impress at Captain’s Drive-In

The Wellow Junior Section Captain for 2016 Zak Leigh, cleared up this this year’s Junior AGM and Captains Drive-in. His attainments this year have never been achieved by anyone else in the history of the club and with Wellow’s past junior successes, this is an impressive feat.

He was awarded the Junior of the Year Award, having won the Winter Singles, Summer Cup, Summer Singles, Order of Merit and the South West Hants Junior League Salver.

“He has been a credit to both himself and his family, and matured into a very confident person who has captained the Club’s Junior Section”, said Dave Board (junior organiser) at the Junior AGM.

Zak was not the only junior to pick up prizes this year. Zak’s vice-captain Lewis Sutton also joined in the winning, himself picking up both men’s and junior prizes. The youngest player, aged 11, to pick up a club prize was Flynn Stevens, who won whilst playing with his grandpa earlier in the season.

It’s been a great year for Wellow Juniors and we look forward to a winter of Practise in time for summer events to start.

Congratulations to all the winners this year.

Juniors putting at wellow

Wellow Juniors Welcome Blog #1

Welcome to Wellow Golf Club Junior Section News Blog.

Wellow Golf Club offers a free membership for 1 year for any Child or Grandchild of a member and we have more junior options that can now be found on our new website.

The past year has been a successful one for the current junior members culminating in playing in the finals weekend of the National Poppy Golf competition at Staverton Park in October in which the team were runners up.

There has been great progression, in all aspects of the game, throughout the section with ongoing coaching sessions by the Junior Academy’s professional  coach ,  Danny Harris. Proof of this was shining through in last year’s Captain Zak Leigh as he not only improved his handicap but swept the board in winning almost all the Junior Trophy’s.

Danny run’s a junior passport scheme where new golfers are introduced to the basics of golf through play and fun activities leading up to more intensive selected coaching sessions.

At Wellow we believe that the learning the game of golf develops the player not only in improved sporting ability but in a strong mental integrity.

Next year’s plans for our Junior members are already in place with a minimum of 24 internal competitions already in the diary and a range of external competitions will be added as soon as they become available for entry.

This year’s Junior Captain, Lewis Sutton, also has new ideas for additional events.

Our winter programme continues with monthly stablefords and Saturday morning coaching every other week in preparation for the 2017 summer season and anticipation of another successful year.

David Board – Junior Organiser- November 2016

Danny’s Blog

Well here goes nothing, I’ve been wanting to write a monthly blog for some time now and with the new website launched now seems to be the moment of truth!

At this time I’m  not exactly sure of the direction it will take over the coming months, I’ll just ramble on as I normally do and at some stage hopefully it will all come together.

What I wanted to start with is to try and dispel a few myths about having lessons! Quite often people will say to me, “my mate is thinking of having lessons but he doesn’t want to change his grip! Or he doesn’t want you to muck his game up, he hasn’t got time to practice”, or a particular favourite of mine, “he’s happy with his swing but he keeps slicing it!”

So the way I see it is, when a customer comes for a lesson with me, he or she is paying me for my expertise. I am working for that person for the next 30 minutes or whatever it is! My job is to get the correct information from that person so that I can help them, making them a better player. I’m not in the business of ruining people’s games. As a very old star teacher once said, “if you can’t make him or her better, bloody well make sure you don’t make them worse”

To me there are 2 types of golfers and 2 types of lessons.

Type 1; The regular golfer who is pretty happy with there game, but need a particular problem solved, whether it’s a shank, thin, top, can’t chip or something along those lines. This is generally a one off lesson for a quick fix! I’m not going to start changing things for the sake of changing, or to make it look pretty! I may well fix the fault with another fault to balance up the motion, I see the swing as a set of scales, along as things balance out and repeat then that’s fine. The swing doesn’t have to look good as long as its repeatable. If it’s a fade, slice, draw or hook, if you can repeat it then that’s all we are ever trying to do. Remember you put a score/number on your card not a description!

Type 2; The worker! The golfer who wants to improve, someone who is willing to put a little time in to gets things  better, wether through practice or simple exercises done at home. Generally this will involve a few lessons over a period of time, moving onto the next thing when they are ready. A slower process but a long term fix/improvement.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching both types, fixing a problem quickly is a great! As is building a player and his technique. I’m lucky enough to have taught many people from many walks of life and various abilities, from juniors, England players, fellow professionals, Asian gold medal winners, lady county players, beginner ladies, 90 years olds and everyone else in between. I can honestly say when I’m on the practice ground with a customer I’m a happy man.

So I think I’ve rambled on long enough, on that point if you have anything you wish me to discuss (golf swing related or equipment wise! I’m no agony aunt!!) please drop me an email or contact me via the shop or the various social media outlets and I’ll endeavour to answer your questions through this blog.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy new year, and thank you all for your kind support.

All the very best.


Danny Harris
PGA Golf Professional
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